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Open Philanthropy $500k grant will help us improve millions of pigs’ lives in China

The Open Philanthropy Project has granted us US$500,000 to help create better lives for millions of pigs. We’ll pilot higher welfare pig farms, and increase engagement with the public and key decision makers to improve life for pigs in China

The Open Philanthropy Project, a philanthropic organisation currently focussing on farm animal welfare, has chosen to invest half a million US dollars in our farming campaign. The grant will allow us to effectively work with producers, retailers, civil society and animal welfare bodies in China, and ultimately create better lives for millions of pigs.

Suffering on a huge scale

As global demand for pork increases, pork producers are lowering animal welfare standards in an attempt to sell as much as possible, in the shortest amount of time.


China is the world’s largest pork producer, rearing around half of the world’s pigs every year – around 700 million animals.

To keep costs low, many of these pigs are farmed in industrial systems. Sows are confined to narrow stalls for most of their lives, where they can’t even turn around and will never see daylight.

The growth in large-scale industrial farming has resulted in poor welfare for hundreds of millions of pigs around the world.


How will the grant help pigs?

The grant by the Open Philanthropy Project is set to:

  • pilot and promote higher-welfare pig farming solutions with leading Chinese pork producers
  • engage and influence food retailers to improve the welfare of the pigs in their supply chains
  • influence the government to implement higher welfare standards
  • educate the public about the suffering of pigs in low welfare systems and raise consumer demand for higher welfare pork products.

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